Thursday, May 17, 2007


Hello -
We'd like to welcome you for coming along, like you did. My other, more generally political page, has been brusquely shunted aside. Here's what's underway:

There are two sound files available now on the Official Website, which has recently undergone a bit of an overhaul. Many thanks to LJ Lindhurst for her assistance.

A collection of my Lovecraftian stories, Secret Hours, many of which have never been brought to light yet, has recently appeared from Mythos Books.

My novel, The Traitor, is set to come out in time for this year's ReaderCon. I'll be there myself and can guarantee you will find a seat at my reading.

John Langan has just interviewed me for Erebos, a new online journal that should be appearing soon, edited by Matt Cardin with help from Jason von Hollander.

Novel number eight seems to have begun.