Saturday, September 1, 2012


Adrian Slunj, from CELEBRANT.

I sometimes find images of characters before I write them, sometimes after. In this case, after.
This is actually German actor Fritz Rasp, as "der Mann" in Fritz Lang's Frau im Mond.


Ultra VGA said...


Planning to read CELEBRANT soon. Now I have a face to haunt my reading. Gonna watch that Lang now. Thanks.

I finally read Cuentos Nerviosos and really liked them, and now I definitively want to read Dufoo hijo too. What can I expect?


MCisco said...

Dufoo hijo wrote epigrams, and an essay on the aesthetics of kitsch.

One of the epigrams reads:

Start at once, and think about starting later. Start anew, start a thousand times, always start. While others were finishing, he was starting. Never finish. -- What ensues is not the consequence of starting. Following is an imposed human perception. The starting is within, the following without.

Here's another one:

To explain his conduct, some invoke rare intellectual motivations, others attribute it to complicated passions, while yet others say it is his strange sensibility. None of them have ever fallen down exhausted -- submitting to an external rhythm, renounced and abandoned -- that is the explanation.

Anonymous said...

Now, that was a cutting edge sci- fi film. M trumps any movie I've seen when it's comes to faces with theme and character.

I' am re- reading this tiny page turner known as, CELEBRANT, and if I were to summarize this book, as I am not, the potato and the wrist watch from the diner scene in Svankmajer's ALICE is what I'd suggest.

The chapter "Nowhere," amused me on multiple levels, and for a moment I thought you might be channeling Disch and Sladek.