Saturday, November 17, 2012


Hello all --

At the other end of this rapidshare link, you should find an mp3 of a hoarse old drone reading a bunch of crazy nonsense.

CELEBRANT preamble

Should anyone be so foolhardy as to listen, let me know if it doesn't come through properly.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous. I hope there'll be more. I enjoyed it a lot. (a german reader, who doesn't like audio books, let alone e-books, yuck!=

Alissa said...

I would really like to listen to this but my computer blocks it as an "unsafe download". Not sure what to do.

Michael Cisco said...

I have already recorded some more. I think I will embed them as streaming audio on the site, and perhaps make them available for download as well.

I'm sorry your computer blocks this, Alissa. It probably means your security settings aren't recognizing Rapidshare. You could either download it on a different machine, or adjust your security settings for Rapidshare only or for the duration of that one download, or wait a bit, and see if I can manage to get the streams flowing on this site.

Alissa said...

Thank you, I shall tinker with it further. It wasn't giving me any options to allow once or override. Hope you can embed these; that would be fantastic!