Friday, December 14, 2012

Centipede Press Collection

The Centipede Press has now made available my collection, The Divinity Student and Others, for pre-order on Amazon. This collection includes:

The Divinity Student
The Golem
The Tyrant
The Traitor
Secret Hours

and some additional short stories, including one previously unpublished tale.  The Divinity Student has been augmented with more original art by Harry O. Morris, creator of the image there on your left.

The Divinity Student and Others can be found HERE.

The Centipede Press makes beautiful, universally acclaimed limited editions and paperbacks.  In addition to this version, there is a limited edition of slipcovered hardbacks as well.

Also, my short story, "This is Tumor Speaking," appears in the current issue of The Weird Fiction Review.

In other news -- there may be a new novel from yours truly appearing next July from Chomu Press.  More information as it becomes available.


Alissa said...

I've had The Divinity Student and Others preordered on Amazon for awhile, and I just ordered the latest Weird Fiction Review. Looking forward to hearing about the new novel.

Anonymous said...

The crawling beast known as Centipede has finally shown itself. Excellent, although I must say I am disappointed that the collection does not have your recent works.

I read the Celebrant, for a second time. It was an immensely slow crawl, that challenged my conviction on many occasions that you've crossed a line into such agony that few will follow.

My joy of the novel spun like a broken compass, seeking direction, at times I began to hate, but in a few pages laughter would replace the hate, and then a liquid grace would crash into rock side slide.

Michael Cisco said...

That's the way it goes. If it happens to you, that's because it happened that way to me!

Ross Scott-Buccleuch said...

Is the new novel from Chomu likely to be Wretch of the Sun? Or is that one still forthcoming from Ex Occidente?
(I haven't seen mention of it on their site).
Or something else entirely?

Michael Cisco said...

At present it looks like Wretch is in limbo. The new novel currently under consideration is called MEMBER.

Ross Scott-Buccleuch said...

I hope it makes the cut. Chomu seems like the perfect home for your work. I look forward to more of it.

Anonymous said...

Allo Mr. Cisco,
Although I am joyed at all of the recent developments in Ciscoville of late, I am curious as to what has happened with "The Genius of Assassins." Did I overlook it in the Centipede volume, do you find it under or overcooked, or is it shored away for a future collection? Thank you.


Michael Cisco said...

Genius wasn't included in the Centipede collection, if I recall correctly, because it was selected to appear in Jeff and Ann VanderMeer's collection The Weird, which came out last year. Of all my stories, it remains one of the few I can say I feel the least bad about, so it isn't being tucked discreetly under any baskets by me.