Saturday, March 9, 2013

"nowhere" from CELEBRANT


JP W said...

Thank you for sharing these clips, not to mention going through the trouble of recording them! If they are just being produced as marketing tools, congratulations—they're completely effective. Do you have plans to release the rest of your backcatalog in ebook format and/or produce full-length audiobooks?

Michael Cisco said...

Producing anything at full length would take more time than I have, with the possible exception of the shorter novels. At present I plan to do excerpts only.

Ebooks are in the works -- the Divinity Student is going to be posted in serial format online via Cheeky Frawg very soon. These will employ the same pdfs, and hopefully the same illustrations, as were used in the Centipede edition.

I would happily record full length audiobooks if I thought there was a reason to, time permitting.

JP W said...

I recently received a newsletter from Chomu plugging "Member". Is this book going to be published in digital format like Celebrant, or will it be physical only, like The Narrator (which was breathtaking: more fantastical certainly than Owen's The Cross of Carl, but no less poignant a fever dream).

Also, I tried to get an update from the VanderMeers as to progress on the digitization of the rest of your books (ex-Narrator) but haven't heard back from them. At my last inquiry, April was the target date. Do you have an updated ETA?

Finally—and this is a real shot in the dark—I was wondering if, either by virtue of your pre-existing relationship with Joseph Pulver or your own contribution to his recent Ligotti-themed anthology, you knew when (or if, I suppose) it might become available as an ebook.

Michael Cisco said...

MEMBER will be physical, with ebook variant likely.

I don't know when the digitization of my other titles is going to happen. I also don't know if there will be any electronic version of Grimscribe's Puppets. I will post here if I ever find out.

Zaheer Fazal said...

MEMBER will be real, with ebook alternative very likely.

My partner and i don't know in the event the digitization connected with my own different game titles could happen. My partner and i furthermore don't know in case it will have virtually any electronic digital edition connected with Grimscribe's Puppets. I'll write-up in this article basically ever before find out.
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