Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hello All.

My new novel, ANIMAL MONEY, will be coming out in November, 2015, from Lazy Fascist Press.

LF is also interested in reissuing THE NARRATOR -- if all goes well, this may appear as soon as February, 2015.

The Starry Wisdom Library anthology, edited by Nate Pedersen and including a piece by me about The Book of Eibon, is now available directly from PS Publishing.  Here's the link.

Weird Fiction Review has posted my translation of Marcel Béalu's story, "The Sound of the Mill."  This is its first appearance in English.  Here's a link

LACKINGTON'S has picked up a chunk of UNLANGUAGE for some time next year.  Here's their home on the web.

My story, "Altar!  Altar!"  has been picked up for a weird collection edited by Richard Gavin, slated for publication in 2015. 

My story, "Infestations," has been accepted by Simon Stranzas for a collection called Aickman's Heirs, due out from Undertow Books in Spring, 2015.  Here's a link to that worthy project. 

I will be presenting a conference paper on a panel on Lovecraft and Poe at the upcoming Poe Conference here in New York (February 26 to March 1, 2015) as well.  This paper will be a digest version of the chapter I've written for The Lovecraftian Poe: Essays on Influence, Reception, Interpretation and Transformation, forthcoming from LeHigh University Press, 2015.

This post turned out to be a good deal longer than I thought it would be.

I return, with your permission, to the mines.  My best wishes to all of you, out there in the dark. 


Craig said...

Let there be more.

Ross said...

Have you thought of offering your Marcel Béalu translations to Wakefield Press? They've put out some great books already.

Michael Cisco said...

There may well be more! I have submitted a new story to a secret anthology.

I did approach Wakefield about the Bealu stories, but the pieces I've translated all came from a second generation anthology that cherry-picked its content from previously-published collections; evidently this means that the permissions process is overblown.

I do have a new translation from Spanish lining up for landing, though. I'll update when I know more.

Also: the Richard Gavin edited anthology is called PENUMBRAE with my story in it.

Also also: it looks like Lazy Fascist will be putting THE NARRATOR out this May, rather than this February.

J.P.W. said...

I came across some of your your translations of Carlos Diaz Dufoo on WFR. In the editors' preface to your introduction, they state that you've fully translated his collection CUENTOS NERVIOSOS. Has this translation been published? If not, are there plans to publish it? Additionally, you made mention in the Diaz Dufoo intro of your translation work with respect to Alfonso Reyes. Was this in reference to the single story also published on WFR, or have you done a full collection of his stories? Again, what is the publication status of such a project?

Finally, late last year, I finished your remarkable Secret Hours collection from Centipede Press. Subsequently, I have spent the last several months finding and--at no small cost--acquiring the Ex Occidente anthologies to which you contributed, including the Mikhail Bulgakov tribute (on the hope that the other stories in that particular collection might be as breathtaking as your "The Cadaver Is You"). However, this still leaves a lot of your short fiction unaccounted for. I was wondering/hoping if another collection might be somewhere on the horizon...

Michael Cisco said...

See the action JP?

My translation of Cuentos Nerviosos has not been published and at present nobody seems interested in publishing it.

I've translated a few other stories by Reyes, but not a whole collection.

There are no plans for a collection at present, but I do have enough stories for one, you're right. I also have five new stories coming out soon in various places, and I really don't know whether or not to wait and put out a bigger collection.

Josh Cotie said...

You must have enough for a new short story collection. Any plans on that horizon?