Thursday, February 16, 2012


Updates ...

The Dadaoism anthology from Chomu Press is going forward as planned. Here is the TOC.

Ex Occidente's tribute volume dedicated to Bruno Schulz has its webpage as well, here. My story, "The Vile Game of Gunter and Landau" is included, and I am proud to have the opportunity to salute Schulz.

There has been a bit of an exchange involving the Bealu translation. In other translation-related news, I've recently completed what I believe is the only English version of Julio Cortazar's short story "Headache" ("Cefalea"). I hope to be able to present it soon.

I've also just finished translating a collection of short stories first published a little over a hundred years ago, and also, to the best of my knowledge, never before rendered in English: Cuentos Nerviosos, or Nervous Stories, by Carlos Diaz Dufoo, Sr. I'm currently working on doing the same for his son, Carlos Diaz Dufoo Jr (hijo), who wrote epigrams, philosophical essays, and apparently plays. Information about these two is very scarce in English.

Monday, February 6, 2012


You can read a posthumous interview with Franz Kafka, as relayed by your reporter to the best of his meager necromantic abilities, here.

And the opening passages from three of my unpublished novels, The Wretch of the Sun, MEMBER, and UNLANGUAGE, have been posted here.

The image is accurate, excepting in that I'm right handed.