Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hello All.

My new novel, ANIMAL MONEY, will be coming out in November, 2015, from Lazy Fascist Press.

LF is also interested in reissuing THE NARRATOR -- if all goes well, this may appear as soon as February, 2015.

The Starry Wisdom Library anthology, edited by Nate Pedersen and including a piece by me about The Book of Eibon, is now available directly from PS Publishing.  Here's the link.

Weird Fiction Review has posted my translation of Marcel BĂ©alu's story, "The Sound of the Mill."  This is its first appearance in English.  Here's a link

LACKINGTON'S has picked up a chunk of UNLANGUAGE for some time next year.  Here's their home on the web.

My story, "Altar!  Altar!"  has been picked up for a weird collection edited by Richard Gavin, slated for publication in 2015. 

My story, "Infestations," has been accepted by Simon Stranzas for a collection called Aickman's Heirs, due out from Undertow Books in Spring, 2015.  Here's a link to that worthy project. 

I will be presenting a conference paper on a panel on Lovecraft and Poe at the upcoming Poe Conference here in New York (February 26 to March 1, 2015) as well.  This paper will be a digest version of the chapter I've written for The Lovecraftian Poe: Essays on Influence, Reception, Interpretation and Transformation, forthcoming from LeHigh University Press, 2015.

This post turned out to be a good deal longer than I thought it would be.

I return, with your permission, to the mines.  My best wishes to all of you, out there in the dark.