Tuesday, August 7, 2012


H.P. Lovecraft

There are men who address only his shadow

And fasten on the moon of hyacinth

Gifts of clear light, of an extinct color,

Nothing but fearsome names.

The carpet, winding in its course,

Fills an enclosure with its arabesques.

There is no one here. I am here. I am no different than

The king who creates prodigies and is astonished.

To a sad Mars in his chlamys of ammonia

The Deadly Inhabitor sends his cold

Mandate, which is an angel or a demon.

I have lost something, without having been its owner:

A phantasm perhaps, a pallor of summer

Dissolves in the ambience of my dream.


-- Emiliano González (1955 -- ????)
from his wonderful story, "La Herencia de Cthulhu" ("The Legacy of Cthulhu") available in the original Spanish here.