Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Back again. 

New Stories:

Two excerpts from my unpublished novel UNLANGUAGE have appeared recently.  One, in German translation, appears in Abyssus Intellectualis.  The other, in the original Unlanguage, is in the latest issue of PostScripts to Darkness

"Learn to Kill," in Children of Old Leech.

Plus two others, entitled "Altar, Altar" and "Infestations."  I'll announce where as soon as I am free to.

New Novel: 

ANIMAL MONEY.  Lazy Fascist Press will be publishing this one, sometime next year. 

And Readercon once again.

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Ross said...

At a rough estimate, I'd say you have a decent amount of short stories for a collection.
Any plans for something like this in the pipeline at all?