Monday, July 14, 2014

On September 3rd, will publish my translation of Julio Cortazar's story "Cefalea" ("Headache").  This story has never appeared in English before, and I believe mine is the first English translation of it.  

I discovered this story by accident, having mistakenly purchased the Spanish edition of his collection Bestiario.  When I tried to collate its table of contents with my English edition of his stories, I found one tale, "Cefalea" unaccounted for.  I decided to try translating it for my own edification ... now here we are.  

I would be even worse than I am if I lost this chance to thank Ann VanderMeer for making this publication possible, to thank TOR, and to thank the Cortazar estate for accepting my translation of this story.  

The official announcement from TOR went up this morning, and you can read it here.


My thanks and salutations to all my friends at Readercon, and a tip of the hat to my tolerators.  

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this. Your Hopscotch recommendation introduced to be Cortazar.

Celebrant was a painfully experience. A wonder, for the eyes, and blasphemy for linear reason. The diagram may have been a deception, but without it...

Member strikes me as a love letter, to Kafka... and maybe this will reward you with love.

Your little story in Wonderbook had me in stictches.

The following link will require you to do a little reading, to get the grasp how each reading alters, based off of previous readings - evolutionary narrative. It seems this idea is a the gate's of dawn, and it strikes me that you could splinter the hemispheres anew.

Hope to meet you one day.